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General Questions:

What is Semi Permanent Makeup?
Semi Permanent Makeup is the implantation of hypoallergenic pigment into the outer layers of the skin (epidermis) by means of a single use, sterile needle or microblade. Cutting edge technology is used to deliver the pigment into the skin safely and precisely.
Is it safe?
Absolutely! Monika has many years of experience and holds industry gold standard qualifications. The latest equipment and the employment of single use sterile needles and micro blades along with Monika’s comprehensive post procedure instructions ensure total peace of mind.
How long does the procedure take?
One and a half to two hours depending on the procedure.
Why do I need a consultation prior to my procedure?
An initial consultation is vital before any procedure can go ahead. It’s an opportunity for the client’s questions and concerns can be addressed.
How long does Semi Permanent makeup last?
From 8 months to 3 years. This would depend upon which area of the face is undergoing the procedure and which method is being employed.
Does it hurt?
There is some mild discomfort, but this is reduced to a bare minimum by means of a topical anaesthetic applied prior to the procedure.
How long is the recovery time?
Generally 7-10 days. Scabs will form in the treated area the day following the procedure. These will fall off in a week or a little over, at which time the healing process is complete.
What side effects can be expected after the procedure?
The pigmentation colour in the treated is a lot darker for 7-10 days following the procedure. After this period the colour lightens to that chosen by the client. There will be some redness (1 day) and swelling (up to 3 days). There will also be some scabbing for 7-10 days.
Can I choose the colour and shape that I want?
During the consultation Monika will pencil in the shape and colour according to the client’s wishes and Monika’s expert judgement. When the client is entirely happy with what she sees Monika will select pigment colours which match precisely those which she has pencilled in.
Do you have insurance?
Yes. I have insurance which fully covers all Semi Permanent procedures which I carry out.




Can I have a hyper-natural result?
Yes! Microblading is the perfect solution for you.
Whats the difference between the Semi Permanent hairstroke/shading method and the microblading method?
All three are Semi Permanent. Microblading is best suited to those seeking the most natural result. Hairstroke and shading is the best method for those who desire a more “defined look”. During the consultation Monika will determine which method or combination of methods is best in light of the client’s wishes and Monika’s expertise and experience.
Will I still need to tint or tweeze my eyebrows?
Semi Permanent eyebrow makeup corrects the shape and fills in gaps, giving a more voluminous effect. However, the existing hair will remain and will require tinting and tweezing as before the procedure.




Can I permanently lose eyelashes as a result of a Semi Permanent eyeline procedure?
The answer is no! Needles and pigment penetrate the upper layers of the epidermis. The hair follicles lie at a much deeper level. To reiterate-There is absolutely no danger to the hair follicles as a result of the procedure.
Can cosmetic surgery to the eyelids damage tattooed eyeliner?
In the case of lower eyelid blepharoplasty, depending on how low the eye liner is, there is the risk that some of it could be removed with the excess skin during surgery. The best solution in this instance would be to opt for a transconjunctival blepharoplasty. This operation is performed on the conjunctiva inside the lid and leaves no visible scarring. The operation is typically combined with laser treatment to re-tighten the skin of the eyelid. As a result, the eyeliner is left completely unscathed.




Will there be any swelling after the procedure?
There will be moderate swelling for 3-4 hours after the procedure which can be ameliorated with an over the counter antiseptic healing cream.
Will there be scabbing after the procedure?
Light scabbing will begin to form on the day after the procedure and will last for 4-6 days. A light coating of Vaseline is recommended for 2-3 days after the procedure to aid the healing process. It is very important to keep the area as dry as possible to optimise healing. To this end drinking your beverages with drinking straws is advised.
Will the colour of the lips during the scabbing phase be the final result?
No. The colour during this phase is quite deep. When the scabbing drops off, the remaining colour will be around 50% of the scabbing colour. O ver the course of the following 3-4 weeks the colour will stabilise to approximately 60% of the scabbing colour. All this is factored in during the initial pigmentation process, so you are left with the precise colour of your choice.
Can I wear lip gloss after the procedure?
Once the scabbing phase is over you are free to wear lip gloss. This is a great option when you want a temporary change of colour. Throw away your lip stick though. You won’t be needing it any more!

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