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Since the dawn of civilization the eyes have been considered to be the windows of the soul. They are our most direct source of contact with the world around us and are the focal point for others in our day to day encounters. The eyes have a special and expressive language unique to each person and go to the heart of what it means to be human and individual.

The Method


The Method

During your detailed consultation with Monika it will be decided which technique or combination of techniques can be employed to tailor a look precisely as desired by the client. It should be pointed out that to join upper and lower eyeliner at the outside corner of the eye would create the illusion that the eye was “closing” and should be avoided at all costs. There is also the risk that the pigment might spread or leak during pigmentation due to the thinness of the skin in this area.

Why Permanent Makeup?

Why have permanent eye makeup?


Your lashes are too fair.


You have sparse or missing lashesr.


Your eyes “tear up” easily.


You have dry eyes.


You need glasses to see what you are doing.


The concealment of scars due to surgery or accidents.

Important To Consider

The pigmentation colour and the shape of the eye are the two considerations to bear in mind when undergoing Semi Permanent procedures on the eyes. The colour is largely down to the preference of the client and is independent of skin tone and hair colour. The shape of the eye is vitally important when having Semi Permanent procedures in the eye area. Monika’s expertise and experience will feature in a comprehensive consultation with the client including design, pencilling in and photos to ensure that the client receives the result of their dreams. The eyes you’ve always wanted 24/7 and more free time each day! What could be better?Eyeliner Styles

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Eyeliner Styles


Upper Eyeliner

A discreet, silky effect can be achieved by partially or completely “thickening” the natural fringe, without going beyond either the first or the last lash.

To create an almond shaped eye, the beginning of the line is thin and is gradually thickened towards the temple, where it can be extended with a small “wing”. The length and thickness of the line can be varied depending on the size and shape of the eye.


Lower Eyeliner

For a discreet effect, the same method as used for the upper lid can be applied to the lower lid. For almond shape eyes, we avoid accentuating the “U” shape of the under lid on people with very “rounded” eyes.

To achieve a straighter line, at each end of the eye, we move slightly away from the line formed by the eyelash fringe. The line is thin at the beginning and can, if desired be gradually thickened towards the end.



This involves the tattooing of tiny dots between the lashes. Each dot simulates a growing eyelash. The outcome: the impression of greater eyelash volume. The upper lid has between 70 and 160 lashes and the lower lid between 70 and 80.

Lash hair typically has a telogen life of three to five months before falling out and being replaced. Lash-liner is the ideal solution for those who wish to look as natural as possible.



Whether it is applied above or below your eyes, eyeliner is designed to make them look larger. There are countless women who want to have “almond-shaped” eyes by having the tattooed eyeliner extended outwards.

Asian women, on the other hand, want their eyes to look more “rounded” and have the line thicker at the centre. Whatever your preference we can help you achieve the perfect look.

Aftercare Instructions

Your skin will be temporarily sensitised after the treatment and you should adhere to the following instructions for the next 10 days. This will help avoid infection and allow time for the skin to recover. If you apply make up during the next 5 days following your treatment, you do so entirely at your own risk. You have been advised how to apply safely by covering and protecting the treated area.

Healing can take up to 10 days and it is perfectly normal for small scabbing to appear on the treated area(s). These should be allowed to fall off naturally over a period of a few days. After the treatment; It is also normal for there to be fading of the colour during the first 2 weeks and patchy sections, as the skin is still healing and the pigment will return to the surface after 2/3 weeks.

If you do not adhere to your aftercare instructions and there is a lack of pigment retention you will be charged for additional treatments at €75 per retouch in the first 36 months of your initial treatment.


Should infection occur…

Seek immediate medical attention!

Please avoid the following:


Getting the treated area wet. The pigment will peal off!


Touching the treated area (s).


Using soaps, cleansers, creams or make up on the treated area(s).


Facial treatments such as eyelash or eyebrow tinting, plucking, electrolysis etc.


Any abrasive materials such as rough towels or similar. If small scabs appear on the treated area (s), DO NOT TOUCH THEM! They will fall off in a few days.


Taking hot baths, saunas or other heat treatments.


Sunbathing, using Sunbeds or swimming.


Using any form of bleach or depilatory products.


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